Five Star Meals Created by Your Own Private Chef

April 4, 2022

By Peter Giffen

Imagine you are in your Lacure villa in the Hamptons or Miami and every meal and hors d’oeuvre is prepared by your own Michelin-starred chef. A dinner of Lobster Risotto, with its delicate Mediterranean flavors, may be paired with a superb wine sourced from your chef’s personal connections.

If you wish, he can take you to the market to shop for fresh local ingredients, do a cooking class for your family or friends, or even help you to host a larger dinner party, taking care of every detail to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

There’s no need to imagine this kind of gastronomic pleasure, since Lacure can make it a reality for you. We are proud to announce a partnership with Maison Benjamin, offering the option of Culinary Concierge Services to villa guests.

“Growing up in France, hospitality and cooking are in my blood,” says Benjamin Vaschetti in an interview in the Hamptons Magazine. “I always had the desire to deliver happiness to clients in the comfort of their home so they don’t have to go out.”

A Private, World-Class Chef for Your Villa

As Maison Benjamin’s co-founder and Culinary Concierge, Vaschetti has an impressive pedigree. He has worked at some of the most celebrated Michelin kitchens around the world, including the three Michelin-starred Auberge de l’ill, Le Cirque 2000, and he also served as private chef for a Royal Family in London.

Since 2020, he and his partner, Natalia Vaschetti, have taken these highly praised culinary talents and offered them to clients with a taste for the finest things in private homes in Miami, the Hamptons, and New York.

Tailoring Culinary Experiences to Guests

In acting as a private chef for Lacure guests, Benjamin is prepared to take on just about any request.

His exquisite Culinary Concierge work appeals to discerning travelers who appreciate his passion for gastronomy, hospitality, and high European standards. Benjamin can tailor menus to any dietary requirement or preference. Though many guests prefer to let him unleash his virtuoso talent and see where it takes them. Usually to someplace very, very good.

Maison Benjamin can use global connections to source fine gourmet products. They can “procure the most delectable and unforgettable ingredients you desire, from sustainable, freshly caught meat and fish to the juiciest organic produce. Whether it’s for a special occasion or to evoke a particular memory, we can deliver what you desire.”

Through the same international connections, Maison Benjamin’s sommeliers can acquire some of the world’s finest wines and champagnes for you, ranging from those ready to savor now to rare vintage, aged and natural wines. Whether you want a superb bottle for dinner or an incredible wine-tasting event with friends, your wishes will be fulfilled.

Book the Culinary Concierge for Your Lacure Villa

When you book one of the legendary Lacure villas in Miami or the Hamptons, your effortless escape can now include a customized culinary experience with your own world-renowned chef in your kitchen.

“After COVID, I believe people are very eager to entertain again,” adds Benjamin. “They want to celebrate and enjoy being together with family and friends and create memories again. Maison Benjamin will be here to provide the best in hospitality, with refinement and precision, all from the comfort of their home.”


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